Waste Treatment Systems


Marae Systems

Because Marae are used to hosting events involving large numbers of people for a few days at a time, the waste treatment system is required to be able to respond to this intermittent peak loading.


Our technical team are able to custom design systems that are can successfully handle this otherwise difficult situation. Over the past years we have installed a number of Aerated Sewage Treatment Systems at various Marae throughout Northland and so have proven ability in this area.




Commercial Systems

Commercial systems can be designed for any location that requires treatment for volumes larger than the standard domestic household, including: schools, public halls, public toilets, factories, food processing, restaurants, takeaway bars, hotels, low pressure rising main, cluster type development and so on.


Customisation of Aerated Sewage Treatment Systems to the specific requirements of individual commercial situations is a specialty of ours. As concrete tank manufacturers we have a wide choice of tank sizes that allow us to adapt our design to suit the needs of the individual customer. The main criteria in determining system configuration is the number of people that will use the facility at any given time as well as the profile of that usage. Such data drives the design process resulting in a reliable functioning system.



Food Premises

Restaurants and Takeaway Bars have peculiar requirements in terms of waste treatment because of the nature of the effluent being processed. Often this waste stream has high levels of fats and food waste products that requires changes in the system design to accommodate this.


Grease traps are a very important part of the requirement in such situations. Our design team are able to work with the site owners, engineers and council staff to create an AWTS design that effectively handles the peculiarities of this industry.