Econo-Treat® VBB-2200-2 is the most cost effective of our systems to run due to it’s low power usage and is our most common system used for domestic sites.

The average family of 5 people uses around 1000 litres of water per day and without treatment would end up down the drain. However after treatment the quality of this effluent is improved to the extent that it is clean and odourless and can be applied to gardens, lawns or orchards using surface or buried drip lines





Our standard residential system based on our 5200 litre elliptical concrete tanks. The rated throughput is 2200 litres per day. The installation consists of a primary tank that provides the anaerobic septic function with a second tank providing the aerated treatment system.


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Our plastic residential system is based on RELN 3200 litre plastic tanks. The rated throughput is 2000 litres per day. This system is especially suited for difficult to access sites.


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Our larger residential system is based on our 6000 litre circular concrete tanks. The rated throughput is 3000 litres per day.


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  • Saves water by recycling household water for garden use promoting growth.

  • Uses less power than most other systems, only 1.3KWH per day.

  • Safe and beneficial for the environment.

  • Eliminates offensive odours.

  • Quiet operation.

  • Adds to property values.

  • Difficult sites catered for.

  • Easily connects to existing households.

  • Passed through the National Test Field. What is this?

  • Designed to perform well in excess of all government design criteria.

  • An electronic alarm panel is provided to alert you to any problems in the unlikely event of a breakdown.

  • We provide ongoing servicing support and emergency phone contact.

  • 3 year warranty on Nitto blower.